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What is Ligatures.Net?

"It's an ethical content exchange platform with a safe SEO library!"

What Can It Do For Me?

It helps you unleash your SEO growth potential and improve your online visibility!

Ligatures.Net compiles safe SEO practices and recommendations into summaries, guidelines and checklists for you.

It also offers a platform to find opportunities to host or to share content with 3rd parties.

Ligatures.Net is both a tool you can use to implement content marketing strategies and a source of reliable SEO information.

Is The Platform SEO Safe?

Many are wary of using SEO and content marketing. They worry over wrongdoing and about suffering from search engine penalties.

If you are being paid (or rewarded) to include links in your content, or if your content is first and foremost crafted to manipulate search engine rankings, or if it is irrelevant, unoriginal and useless for users, then its links should be set to NOFOLLOW to remain on the safe side of online promotion [tell me more].

If you break search engine guidelines and policies, or our terms of service, your account at Ligatures.Net can be revoked permanently.

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