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What is Ligatures.Net?

"Ligatures.Net is a platform helping creators to promote their work using ethical SEO."

How Can I Use Ligatures.Net?

accessing the Ligatures.Net platformOne way is to use our platform to share content you have created or host content created by others. By doing so, you can help search engines and users find about your work on the Internet. You will increase your visibility and opportunities for networking with other websites.

accessing Ligatures.Net guidelines and tutorialYou can also access our guidelines and tutorials to teach yourself ethical SEO or to improve your SEO skills, and maximize your return on efforts. By implementing ethical recommendations, you will also minimize the risk of being excluded by search engines now or in the future.

What Is The Ethical SEO Initiative?

I support the ethical SEO initiativeThe Ethical SEO Initiative is an ethics charter. It contains a set of principles to which participants to Ligatures.Net are expected to comply with.

You can also declare your adherence to this initiative by putting the corresponding badge on your blog/website.

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